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  1. Good afternoon;
    We are working on 3D brain scan and replicate technology which will enable in future to indefinitely
    preserve and restore human brain’s information into the computer which will open the whole new era of opportunities.
    The technology is in a nutshell a full 3D brain scan down to neurons copying/storing the information as 3D live on a powerful cloud/computer server in a graph/tree form to make it easily acceesible/replicable.
    We are using emerging technologies in computer science as well as biotech schience.
    Our team consist of computer science engineers and professionals, and MD, Biotechnology scientists and researchers.
    Please advise if this is something you might be interested to invest.
    Thank you!
    Alex Suhih

  2. Dear Sir
    Hi. I am dr. Javad Gholami from Iran- Tehran. I am pharmaceutical doctor and working in some pharmaceutical comapnies as R & D manager or advisor.
    I and our collegue could be formulated a new supplement by Iranian traditional medicine and new pharmaceutical industrial.
    This drug is dissolved and excrete all of kidney stones as pasty or jelly form without any pain or bleeding and any similar at pharmaceutical market. We test this new drug more 30 people with urolithiasis and all of they , is excereted stones without pain and bleeding.
    As , We interest to doing more clinical study , registering and industrial formulating of this product in other countries , If you interest to coopearting and doing of this study as a partnet , Please forward me kindly .
    I hope to coopearting you and waiting your kind response.
    Thanks and best regards.
    Dr. Gholami
    Tell : +98-2144195935
    Fax : +98-2144195939
    Mobile : +98-9125175733

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