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Personalized therapeutics for genetically defined cancer


Our Focus

MPM Capital is a healthcare investment firm with over two decades of experience founding and investing in life-sciences companies that seek to translate scientific innovations into cures for major diseases. With its experienced and dedicated team of investment professionals and Executive Partners, MPM strives to power novel medical breakthroughs that transform patients’ lives.

Making an Impact Through Innovation

MPM continuously seeks new ways to invest in order to drive breakthroughs and cures, and two of its investment vehicles feature innovative social impact components:

  • The first is the UBS Oncology Impact Fund (OIF), an oncology-only crossover fund (both private and public equities) managed by MPM that donates a portion of profits and royalties to cancer care and research. Since 2018, MPM has donated approximately $7 million of its profits (carried interest) split equally between donations to the American Association of Cancer Research to support research for potential future transformative therapies and donations to the UBS Optimus Foundation to support emerging market access to cancer care.
  • The second features a philanthropy-investment opportunity involving Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) to advance cancer research. This unique philanthropy-investment opportunity gives MPM early insight into DFCI projects with commercial potential and provides DFCI with potential new philanthropic resources.

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