Devin Quinlan, Ph.D.

Dr. Devin Quinlan is responsible for investment identification, due diligence, business development, and company creation activities at MPM and BioImpact Capital, an affiliate manager of MPM. Devin joined MPM full time in 2018 after completing an internship with the firm and has since supported multiple investments across diverse therapeutic areas, including MPM’s investments into Orna Therapeutics and Triplet Therapeutics. Devin was also part of the founding team of a stealth oncology NewCo, where he is Head of Strategy & Operations and a Board Observer.

Prior to joining MPM and BioImpact Capital, Devin completed his Ph.D. in Biological Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) under advisor Ram Sasisekharan. His thesis was focused on uncovering structure-function relationships of antibodies which target viral antigens, including Ebola and Zika viruses. In addition to his academic research, Devin served as part of the inaugural leadership team of the MIT Biotech Group, which has since grown into the largest life-sciences student organization at MIT.

Devin received his B.S. in Bioengineering from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Kristen Laguerre, M.B.A.

Kristen Laguerre, an accomplished operating executive, is a Managing Director, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer at MPM and BioImpact Capital, an affiliate manager of MPM. With over 20 years of financial leadership and management experience in the venture capital industry, her primary responsibility is to oversee the firm’s finance, operations and administrative functions. Kristen is also an investment committee member of the Oncology Impact Funds, private/public funds focused on oncology as well as new modalities, managed by BioImpact Capital. Kristen is currently serving as the CFO of a newly formed, stealth portfolio company and was previously CFO at portfolio company Cullinan Oncology (NASDAQ: CGEM).

Prior to joining MPM and BioImpact Capital, Kristen served as Partner and CFO at Flare Capital Partners, and, previously, Partner and CFO at Atlas Venture, an early-stage life sciences and technology venture capital firm, where she was responsible for finance, operations and administration. Before Atlas Venture, she was Vice President – Finance at Softbank Capital, where she was responsible for finance, human resources and operations associated with both Softbank’s venture funds and its global activities outside of East Asia. Earlier in her career, Kristen spent seven years at Arthur Andersen LLP.

Widely recognized in the private equity industry, Kristen is a board member of Financial Executives Alliance, a steering committee member of Women in Alternative Assets and previously served as a board member of the Private Equity CFO Association.

Kristen earned her M.B.A. in Finance and Accounting from Boston University and her B.A. in Economics from Wesleyan University.

Ed Hurwitz, J.D., M.B.A.

Ed Hurwitz, an accomplished biotech executive and investor, is a Managing Director at MPM Capital. Ed serves as Chairman of MPM portfolio company BioIntervene and is on the board of Dyne Therapeutics (NASDAQ: DYN), Recode Therapeutics and Protego.

Prior to MPM, he was founder and Managing Director of Precision BioVentures where he founded and seeded start-up biotechnology companies, including Viewpoint Therapeutics. As a Director at Alta Partners, he led 12 successful investments including Applied Genetic Technologies Corporation, Avid Radiopharmaceuticals (acquired by Lilly), Calistoga Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Gilead), Cara Therapeutics, FoldRx Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Pfizer), MacroGenics and Taligen Therapeutics (acquired by Alexion).

Over the course of his career, he has been a Senior Vice President and CFO of Affymetrix, a microarray pioneer, and a biotech research analyst for Robertson Stephens & Company and Smith Barney Shearson. He also practiced law at Cooley Godward LLP.

Ed earned his J.D. and M.B.A. degrees from the University of California, Berkeley’s Boalt School of Law and Haas School of Business, and his B.A. in Molecular Biology from Cornell University.

Christiana Bardon, M.D., M.B.A.

Dr. Christiana (Chris) Bardon is Co-Managing Partner of BioImpact Capital, an affiliate manager of MPM, and leads the firm’s public market investing as portfolio manager for BioImpact Equities (f/k/a Burrage Capital) and the Oncology Impact Funds.

Previously, Chris was a health care analyst at Fidelity Investments covering biotechnology, life-science tools and diagnostics, and she started her career as an analyst at MPM. She currently serves on the Harvard Medical School Board of Fellows and is a Trustee of the American Association for Cancer Research Foundation.

Chris earned her M.D. magna cum laude from Harvard Medical School and her M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. While at Harvard Medical School, she was the recipient of a Howard Hughes fellowship, and she completed her residency in Internal Medicine at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital at Harvard Medical School. She received her M.S./B.S. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Ansbert Gadicke, M.D.

Dr. Ansbert Gadicke is Managing Director of MPM and its venture capital activities, as well as Managing Partner of BioImpact Capital, an affiliate manager of MPM and manager of the Oncology Impact Funds, private/public funds focused on oncology as well as new modalities.  He is the driving force at MPM behind building leading biopharmaceutical companies such as BioMarin Pharmaceuticals, Idenix Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Merck & Co.), Mitobridge (acquired by Astellas), and Pharmasset (acquired by Gilead Sciences) and, more recently, ElevateBio, Cullinan Oncology (NASDAQ: CGEM), Orna Therapeutics and AlloVir (NASDAQ: ALVR). MPM believes that these companies, in which Ansbert was the lead investor and served on the Boards of Directors, are some of the biggest successes in biotech – companies that ultimately result in helping thousands of patients live longer and vastly improved lives. For example, Sovaldi, developed by Pharmasset, was the first cure for Hepatitis C, the most successful product launch in the pharmaceutical industry and has today cured over 5 million patients of Hepatitis. Prior to founding MPM, Ansbert was at The Boston Consulting Group in their Boston office.

Ansbert’s commitment to drug discovery and curing disease inspires his work both within and outside of MPM. In recognition of MPM’s novel work to finance and build companies which may have a significant impact on cancer care and cures globally, Ansbert and his co-founder Luke Evnin are recipients of the 2017 Global Oncology Visionary Award. He is a member of the Harvard Medical School Board of Fellows and the Research Advisory Council of Massachusetts General Hospital.

Ansbert received an M.D. from J.W. Goethe University in Frankfurt and held research positions at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Biochemistry Department at Harvard University. While at the German Cancer Research Center, he focused on HPV16 and 18 in Professor Harald zur Hausen’s group (Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine, 2008). Ansbert has published in leading scientific journals such as Nature and Cell.

Todd Foley, M.B.A.

Todd Foley, an experienced biotech investor, is a Managing Director at MPM Capital and serves on a number of MPM portfolio company boards, including Aktis Oncology (Chairman), CODA Biotherapeutics, Entrada Therapeutics (NASDAQ: TRDA), Iconic Therapeutics, Repare Therapeutics (NASDAQ: RPTX) and Tetherex Pharmaceuticals. He previously served on the board of Semma Therapeutics, a potentially curative diabetes cell-therapy company founded by MPM and Doug Melton at Harvard, which was acquired by Vertex for $950M in 2019 in one of the largest ever preclinical M&A deals.  He guided Selexys Pharmaceuticals to an acquisition by Novartis for $665M in 2016. Later, Novartis launched the Selexys drug, Adakveo™ in late 2019 to treat sickle cell disease.

Prior to joining MPM in 1999, Todd’s career in the life science industry included business development at Genentech (Roche) and management consulting with Arthur D. Little.

Todd earned his M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and his B.S. in Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Luke Evnin, Ph.D.

Dr. Luke Evnin is co-founder and Managing Director of MPM. He co-founded MPM in 1997 with Ansbert Gadicke, M.D., and opened the San Francisco office in 1999.

In recent years, as a key component of his MPM activities Luke has been a co-founder and served as Chairman of the Board for seven MPM portfolio companies including Blade Therapeutics, Harpoon Therapeutics (NASDAQ: HARP), Maverick Therapeutics (acquired by Takeda), Potenza Therapeutics (acquired by Astellas), Tizona Therapeutics and Werewolf Therapeutics (NASDAQ: HOWL).  He has contributed as a co-inventor in several of these companies as well as MPM portfolio company Oncorus (NASDAQ: ONCR). From October 2017 to August 2019, Dr. Evnin served as the interim Chief Executive Officer of Werewolf Therapeutics Inc. (now publicly traded), where he continues to serve as Chairman of its board of directors. In addition, he currently serves as a director for seven other public and private companies.

Luke has also served on the board of directors of many other public and private companies over his 29-year venture capital career, including past service as a director for EnteroMedics Inc. (now known as ReShape Lifesciences Inc.), Idun Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Pfizer), Intercell AG, Costim Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Novartis), Pacira Pharmaceuticals Inc., and Sonic Innovations, Inc.

Luke also serves as Chairman of the Scleroderma Research Foundation, a not-for-profit entity where he has contributed for over 20 years.  He has devoted time to the External Advisory Board at the Lewis-Sigler Institute for Quantitative Genomics External Advisory Board at Princeton and at QB3 at the University of California- San Francisco.  In recognition of MPM’s novel work to finance and build companies which may have a significant impact on cancer care and cures globally, Luke is a co-recipient of the 2017 Global Oncology Visionary Award.

Prior to co-founding MPM, he honed his skills as a venture capitalist at Accel Partners where he was involved in biopharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare service investing as an analyst and then General Partner at Accel Partners (1990-1997).  Dr. Evnin holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry (1990) from the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) and an A.B. magna cum laude in Molecular Biology (1985) from Princeton University.  He is an enthusiastic athlete (squash, tennis) and a wine collector.