September 24, 2019

MPM Capital Executive Partner Patrick Baeuerle Wins 2019 Xconomy “X of the Year” Award

Cambridge, MA and Brisbane, CA – MPM Capital, a healthcare investment firm focusing on early-stage therapeutics companies, is pleased to announce that MPM Executive Partner Patrick Baeuerle, Ph.D. has been named “X of the Year” at the recent 2019 Xconomy Awards in Boston, MA.

Xconomy’s “X of the Year” recognizes individuals who are “so unique” they require their own category, and Patrick was awarded for his stand-out contributions as a “Founder/Investor” of life sciences companies.

A biotech polymath, Patrick is a world-renowned scientist and an entrepreneur. Patrick’s research is focused on immuno-oncology and his strengths lie in the invention and early development of new cancer therapies. He previously led the development of the BiTE® antibody called Blincyto® at Amgen for the treatment of relapsed/refractory acute lymphoblastic leukemia, approved by the U.S. FDA in 2014 in less than three months ─ one of the FDA’s fastest approvals.

As an MPM Executive Partner, Patrick has transformed his many cancer discoveries into new companies. Since joining MPM in 2015, he has co-founded six oncology companies: Harpoon Therapeutics, TCR2 Therapeutics, Werewolf Therapeutic, Cullinan Oncology, Maverick Therapeutics and iOMX Therapeutics. Notably, he invented TCR2‘s TRuC™ technology and Harpoon’s antibody-based drug discovery platform TriTAC™. These technologies are reason behind the early success of these companies which both raised IPOs this year at a combined $162M.

“I’m very honored to have received this recognition,” said Patrick. “The opportunity to drive innovation in drug development is more attainable than ever before, and I look forward to playing a continued role in evolving the oncology landscape while improving the lives of patients with cancer worldwide.”

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