Stephen J. Elledge, Ph.D.

Stephen J. Elledge, Ph.D.


Medical & Scientific Advisors

Dr. Stephen (Steve) J. Elledge currently serves as an MPM Advisor. Steve is the Gregor Mendel Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital and an Investigator with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Steve is widely cited for his many seminal contributions and in particular for his work on the mechanics of both cellular proliferation and senescence. He was awarded the Albert Lasker Prize in Basic Medicine in 2015 for his body of work elucidating how cells sense DNA damage and initiate self-repair. His pioneering research in that field has had a significant impact on understanding human birth defects and aging as well as the genomics of cancer and shows great promise for finding cures. He is also a leader in promoting new genetic technologies and designing methodologies to help researchers better analyze the development of various disorders including cancer, autoimmune diseases and neurodegenerative conditions.

The recipient of numerous other awards including the 2013 Gairdner Foundation International Award, the 2016 Breakthrough Prize for Life Sciences for paradigm-shifting research and the 2017 Gruber Prize in Genetics. Steve is also a member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, the U.S. National Academy of Medicine and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Steve received his Ph.D. in Biology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his B.S. from the University of Illinois. He completed his post-doctoral studies in the Department of Biochemistry at Stanford University and then joined the faculty of the Baylor College of Medicine in the Department of Biochemistry in 1989 prior to joining Harvard Medical School in 2003.